Parallax Within
Troy is the name NYC is where i live, I'm from Canada So yeah (insert joke). I'm all about the endless search of knowledge. Metal/Rock is my shit but i enjoy all types of music, Gaming, Mythology & Folklore,Reading that includes comics so fuck you, History, Horror, Anime. There is loads more to the madness+randomness that is me. Ask anything or Submit shit to me.
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Samo hung thot checking. 

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No new friends. 

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Women in sweatpants..
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I saved a fish once by eating it. That is all
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Show her what that tongue do.

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When Niggas call her back the next day. 

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Lizards & Birds don’t mix 

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When someone tries to stab you in the back and it backfires and you come out winning.

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Say Aah !

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